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FINALLY - Paw Washing Made Easy!

Posted on by Kevin Kalantari 0 comments

Each morning, I take my two dogs for a nice, long walk to the park near our home. It’s my favorite way to have quality time with them before the craziness of the day begins. But the soil that they step in along our route is sandy and damp here in Savannah, GA. When we would get back from our stroll, I would wipe their paws with a towel on the front porch, but the gritty sand was still stuck in their paw fur and would get tracked all over our house. I needed to find a convenient, inexpensive solution to quickly clean the dogs’ paws better than just a towel alone.

After searching on the Frankie’s Pet Palace website, I finally found exactly what I had been looking for: the Portable Paw Washer! At first, I thought it looked silly, but once I used it, I realized it was actually ingenious. Essentially, it’s a tumbler with a removable silicone bristle insert. Before our walks now, I put a little bit of the dogs’ shampoo mixed with some warm water in the washer and leave it on the porch. When we get back, I pop each of my pups’ paws in the tumbler, give it a few twists, and (voilà!) their paws come out clean. I then dry their paws on a clean towel, and we go on inside, ready to start our day!

Initially, I was worried that the dogs would be afraid of the washer or that the bristles would hurt their paw pads. However, they didn’t notice any difference compared to when I used the towel, and the bristles were so soft that there was no pain for them at all! Another feature I love is how easy it is to clean. After each use, I take out the silicone bristle insert, rinse out the insert and tumbler, and let it dry. Done and done! It’s the easiest way to keep my dogs’ paws effortlessly clean without breaking the bank. Check out the Portable Paw Washer for yourself today!

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